Club Competitions

General Guidance and Rules

1. General guidance

a. Club competitions provide an excellent opportunity for all members to improve their skills and everyone should be encouraged to participate.

b. Players arrange their own matches and those participating in pairs competitions need to start planning early.  It is the primary responsibility of the first named player(s) to take the initiative in arranging a date, and, for singles matches to provide a marker, but if the other player(s) knows finding a date will be difficult due to holidays, or work commitments, they should make this known immediately.

c. Club Captains responsible for League and Cup matches shall have first call on all players (note: cup matches are often fixed at short notice) and every effort should be made to avoid playing Club Competitions at the same time as a Club Friendly.

d. The emphasis of the following rules is to ensure all games are played but if it is necessary for the Competition Committee to make a decision regarding an un-played match they will take into account all available factors and may eliminate both players from the competition.

e. Finals weekend shall be the first weekend in September unless decided otherwise by the AGM.  This should be noted and taken into account when planning holidays.

f. Trophies will be presented where two or more players enter a competition and a final is played.  Entry fees will be refunded if an entered competition does not take place

g. All Club trophies shall be cleaned and returned to the Competitions Secretary before Finals Day.

h. Dress code for all matches is Greys

2. Organisation

a. The AGM shall appoint a Competition Secretary who, with the Secretary and Chairman shall form the Competition Committee.

b. The Competition Secretary shall be responsible for the overall administration and day to day operation of all competitions

c. Competition entry forms shall be available to members on the Open Day at the start of the season.   The final date for all competition entries, except the ‘Never Won Cup’ shall be 2 weeks after the Open Day.  To encourage any new members to participate the closing date for the ‘Never Won Cup’ shall be 30th June.

d. The draw shall be made and displayed within one week of entries closing.

e. The Competition Committee shall meet at the request of the Competition Secretary to:

i. Make the draw

ii. Review any case where a special date extension is requested

iii. Review any case where a player is unable to play during Finals Weekend

iv. Review any case involving the elimination of a player(s) from a competition

v. Hear any appeal or grievance

f. The decision of the Competition Committee shall be final

g. Two members of the Committee shall form a quorum

h. If a quorate meeting is not possible and urgent action is required substitute members may be requested from the main Club Committee

3. Substitutes

a. All substitutions must be made at the discretion of and in consultation with the Competition Secretary and, if necessary, the Competition Committee.

b. A substitute is only eligible if they have not previously entered and been eliminated from an earlier round of that competition.

c. In normal circumstances, a substitute would be expected to replace the person withdrawing in all following rounds.

d. Only one substitute per side may be made at the semi-final stage.

e. No new substitutes are allowed in the final.

4. General Rules

a. The Club Competitions shall be open to all paid up members of Fenstanton Bowls Club

b. Members entering club competitions must obey the rules.  Any dispute shall be reported to the Competition Secretary who, if the matter cannot be resolved between the parties, will call a meeting of the Competition Committee as in 2(c/d)

c. Matches must be played on or before the date specified.  Exceptions of up to 7 days may be made by the Competition Secretary in the following circumstances where a game has been scheduled within the 7 days preceding a deadline

i. Green unfit for play

ii. Requirement to play in a Club League or Cup match (other than a scheduled match included in the Fixture List)

iii. Illness

iv. Family crisis

Any request for such an extension shall be made to the Competition Secretary before the due date.
A request for an extension for any other reason or for any longer must be made to the Competition Secretary before the due date giving full details and the proposed date for the match to be played.  The Competition Secretary shall convene a meeting of the Competitions Committee who shall decide whether the request be granted

d. If a player or member of a team fails to turn up within 30minutes of the time agreed for play, without an exceptional reason, the match will be declared void and the player or players present awarded the match as a walk-over.  The Competition Secretary must be advised of all relevant circumstances.

e. A rink must be booked before the day but see 4(f)

f. Rinks for play shall be drawn, on the day, from all available rinks:

i. The greenkeeper may indicate some rinks as unavailable

ii. The captain of any match which may be taking place at the same time.  shall have priority on rink selection

iii. If a competition is likely to last into the time that a Club Match is scheduled the captain of that match should be consulted as to which rinks are required for the match if this is not already shown on the rink booking form.

g. At the end of the game the result shall be entered on the Competition draw sheet and the match card placed in the receptacle provided.

h. Competition Finals will be played during Finals Weekend as specified in 1(f).

i. No player shall be expected to play in more than 2 finals in one day

ii. If a player who has played in a round finds they cannot play during Finals Weekend they must inform the Competition Secretary immediately giving full details.  The Competition Committee will decide on what action to take.  Events which will be given sympathetic consideration will include:

1. Re-scheduling of holiday by a tour operator or airline

2. Illness

3. Family crisis

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