Risk Assessment Form – Fenstanton Bowls Club (FBC)

Whilst carrying out these risk assessments, one of the main considerations has been the relative isolation of the site i.e. only one residential property that backs on to the FBC site – approximately 80-100m from the green and clubhouse.

Any issues relating to Safeguarding and Child Protection please refer to the FBC “Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy” contained in the file located in the clubhouse.

ActivityInitial Risk LevelAction(s) taken to minimise riskExisting risk levelDateAny further action(s) requiredDate reviewed
Isolated location i.e. in the event of an accident, illness, fire, criminal activity etc.Very High – HighWhen on site an individual should be accompanied by another adult (NB trades people will have their own insurance). If an individual cannot avoid being on site alone they should carry a mobile phone and inform another adult of their situation. At least one person on site should carry a mobile phone and have knowledge of how to describe the site location to emergency services. There is an information notice located on the clubhouse notice board opposite the entrance. All members/visitors should familiarise themselves with information – it could save a life. This person should be aware of the need to position a person at the junction with Hilton Road to direct emergency services.   Restrict the number of people around an injured or ill person to those directly assisting.   Defibrillator sited at Ash’s Shop on the Fenstanton High Street. First Aid Kit sited in the clubhouse.   All accident and incidents must be recorded in the reporting book situated next to the First Aid Kit.Low – MediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Entry to the green area via the gateLowCare should be taken in ensuring that the metal chain does not touch the electrified fence.    Very LowJanuary 2023  January 2024
Entry to and use of clubhouseLow – Medium (when wet)Anti-slip material on stepsRails providedWearing of face covering recommended during periods of concern regarding health (personal or national).Fire exit signage Make sure the gas hob is off before exitingVery Low – LowJanuary 2023Ref to (c) and (e) Appropriate signage required January 2024
Management of electric fenceMediumThe electric fence must be switched off whilst people are bowling or working on site.   The only exception being when carrying out a “shorting” check.Very Low       MediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Entry onto greenMedium – HighMoveable steps provided on request.LowJanuary 2023  January 2024
Use of green in wet conditionsHighBowl delivery mats are available and must be used NB. bowlers should continue to take great care.MediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Sporting and social activitiesLow – High depending on the activityWhen organising such activities an informal or formal Risk Assessment should be carried out by the individual or group responsible and appropriate actions taken.Very Low – MediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Use of generatorLowCare should be taken not to refuel whilst the generator is hot.Very LowJanuary 2023  January 2024
Maintenance work being carried out on siteMedium – HighNo machinery to be used by anyone not instructed or experienced in its usage. Makers safety instructions to be followed at all times eg. Appropriate clothing, goggles, masks, hearing defenders etc. No refuelling of mowers whilst the engine is hot.MediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Use of MowersHighMediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Use of ScarifiersHighMediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Use of hedge trimmers and strimmersHighMediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Use of fertiliser sprayerHighMediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Use of any machineryHighMediumJanuary 2023  January 2024
Use of chemicalsVery HighNo chemicals being used at the time of this risk assessment due to legality of usage.High – MediumJanuary 2023If using licensed chemicals the person doing so must have an appropriate license or be supervised by licensed personnel. January 2024
Use of laddersMedium – HighNo person should use a ladder on site without another person supporting the ladder. Ladders not to be used in wet conditions.  Low – MediumJanuary 2023  January 2024